Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot Jam Doughnut

I've just come home from having lunch with a friend at the Preston Market- it was my first time going there.
After drooling over the abundance of deli stalls, I ended up choosing healthy sushi for lunch because we both got excited when we discovered the Hot Jam Doughnut Van! So my main food had to balance out our dessert;)
We stood in the small line in the cold wind outside, not minding too much because of what was waiting for us.
We got our little paper bags with 3 each, and I couldn't wait so I dipped my fingers in and pulled out a ball of hot sweet goodness. Unfortunately it was too soon and I had to drop it bag in the paper bag, and willed it too cool down a quickly. Which it did. Take two.
There is something so satisfying about biting into something warm that you hold in your hand, crunching through the layer of sugar, into the squishy dough,  the jam bursting into your mouth, and then licking your fingers from all traces of sugar and jam that have been left behind as evidence of such an endulgance.
How perfect on such a cold winter day.