Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Offending Oven

Dearest readers,

 Tonight I opened a packet that held a raw boneless roast chicken, turkey blood spurted out and drenched my shorts. If I wasn't feeling so miserable I would have laughed.

 I was feeling so bad because I was going to have to cook the turkey in a pan on the stove-top instead of roasting it in the perfectly fine oven. Why?
Well, my husband and I are renting a room with a family in an apartment, and the mother said I wasn't allowed to use the oven- as she took my food out of it on Sunday as it was cooking in there. I couldn't believe that someone could be so rude to do that to me. I also had the turkey out defrosting to roast that night for dinner. So now in one move she had ruined a whole day of meals for my husband and I.

Tonight as I was cooking the turkey in a pan on the stove-top, the tears fell freely down my cheeks. I had no desire to eat any of it. I hated the sight and smell of it. I didn't want to serve such an ugly meal to my husband.
I fell onto my bed and just sobbed and sobbed. 

We are trying to find somewhere else to live. Fingers crossed.
I need to cook in an oven.

love Sariah