Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Light Spring Supper for Three

It's the start of Spring here in Australia and while there is still a crispness in the air, the sun has started to shine ever so slightly with a gentle promise of longer and warmer days to come.

I felt a desire to make something Mediterranean,so first I made a salad by halving cherry tomatoes, whole baby spinach leaves and halved juicy kalamata olives. This was then drenched in an olive oil and seasoned dressing.

I had baked a cottage loaf this morning, which I grilled  on the stove top in a grill pan and rubbed the pieces with fresh garlic and drizzled them with olive oil.

Lastly I heated up a pan and popped the scallops in it and cooked them a couple of minutes on each side and placed them back in their shells, then sprinkled them them with lemon zest and a splash of lemon juice and the left over pan juice.