Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vietnamese Style Salad

During a week long heat wave I was needing a bowl of cooling food, I looked through Nigel Slaters "The Kitchen Diaries" book and came across this recipe. This book is one of my absolute favourites- I fall in love with Nigel every time I read his words.
Although this salad mainly consists of spinach and bean shoots, I found that I was very full after eating it, although not for an extended time.

A hot, sour bean shoot salad (enough for two people)-

spring onions 6-8
lime juice 2 Tbl
Thai fish sauce 2 Tbl
sugar 1 Tbl
bean shoots 250g
half a cucumber
chilies 1-2 small, red hot ones
spinach 100g/2 good handfuls
coriander leaves 1 good handful
mint the leaves from 4-5 sprigs

Trim the spring onions and grill them till they are soft and brown on all sides. Meanwhile, make the dressing by briefly whisking the lime juice with the fish sauce and sugar. Wash the bean shoots and leave them to soak for a few minutes in cold water. Cut the cucumber into matchsticks and add it to the dressing. Chop the chillies finely, discarding the seeds, and mix them with the cucumber.
Rinse the spinach, drain the bean shoots and add them to the dressing along with the spring onions. Rinse the herb leaves and toss them with the rest of the salad.

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